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Swift Concurrency 学习笔记


Swift 5.5 introduces Swift Concurrency with async/await syntax similar to web frontend async, simplifying asynchronous programming.

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为React Native编写原生模块

SwiftReact NativeKotlin

Guide to creating React Native modules in TypeScript with Swift/Kotlin, iOS/Android, and data exchange.

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SwiftUI 开发时钟小组件笔记


SwiftUI clock widget development notes including timeline updates, configuration, data sharing, background limitations, widget size, position, and app deployment experiences.

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swift 5.1 入门学习


User expresses confusion in learning and finds comfort in exploring Swift UI over Flutter similarities. Topics included: declarations, optionals, strings, arrays, dictionaries, flow control, functions, closures, classes, enums, structs, protocols, and extensions.

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