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Hi, I'm ZHANG YU, in Chinese my name is 张宇.

I am a senior front-end engineer who have been involving in front-end development since 2018, focusing on building aesthetically pleasing and highly interactive user interfaces by React.

I have amassed substantial practical experience in the React technology stack.




I am passionate about contributing to the open-source community, having made multiple contributions to well-known projects such as Ant Design.

Additionally, I have developed and maintained lots of open-source projects, which have been successfully published on npm and collectively garnered nearly 20,000 downloads.


  • from-to.js
  • Transitioning from one value to another.
  • tw-styled
  • Create Tailwind CSS-styled React components with ease using tw-styled.
  • use-flip
  • Effortless FLIP animations with a React Hook for smoother transitions.


I am keen on sharing knowledge as well as writing articles and tutorials regularly, covering JavaScript,TypeScript, React source-code, CSS, and animation.

My articles have been read over 150,000 times. Previously, I primarily wrote in Chinese, but currently, my goal is to write articles in English.


Until now, I have worked for two companies only.

The first company focused on developing high-performance and versatile dialing systems and management platforms for internal enterprise use, along with various mini-programs and Apps.

The second company specialized in creating visually appealing and high-performance e-commerce platforms and Apps for cross-border trade.


I excel in JavaScript and TypeScript, proficiently utilizing CSS to create visually appealing and responsive web pages.

I have a deep understanding of React and have explored other popular frameworks as well. Currently, my work primarily involves using Next.js, and I have extensive experience with App Router.

In addition to front-end development, I am also familiar with backend development using tools such as Prisma, NestJS, and GraphQL.

Furthermore, I have experience in mobile App development usingReact Native and SwiftUI.